To continue – does it have to be murder? Well, of course.

broken mirror

If you read my last post, I want you to know that I think Elizabeth George is right. I think the crime in mysteries nearly always does have to be murder.

Well, it could be something else, but it would have to be terribly extreme to shake up your characters and set them on as interesting a course.

I found her description of crime writing amusing. “Creating crime fiction offers writers a vast landscape as broad and as varied as crime itsef.  Because there are no hard-and-fast rules and because those few rules that exist exist to be broken… the writer can choose any setting on earth which she can then people with: teenagers as sleuths, children as sleuths, old ladies as sleuths, animals as sleuths, shut-ins and agoraphobics as sleuths, teachers as sleuths, doctors as sleuths, astronauts as sleuths, and on and on as far as the imagination can carry her. With this as a basic tenet of crime writing, the real question should be not why do so many women write crime stories? But why doesn’t everyone write crime stories?”

If you’re a writer trying to call attention to yourself and your books, the answer is a quick and simple— they do, don’t they?

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