Thinking about murder again

Why is murder so popular? Even if we’re not part of the mob or a terrorist group; even if we’re not serial killers; even if we don’t believe in bearing arms – most of us indulge ourselves nearly every time we watch television.Of course, great literature and art has always been about violence and death, but doesn’t it seem there’s much more of it now than in the past?

Maybe it’s just that we live in a world of wall to wall entertainment. Whether for good or ill -and not always for good – storytelling is rife.

Sometimes I think that – just to be different – I should write books that are pacific. Besides, isn’t the non-violent way the moral way?

But here I am, throwing myself headlong into the fire and fury of it.

Because, again, who, wanting to write, wouldn’t want to grab up her pen, or sink down in front of her  keyboard, when the detectives, the villains and the victims can be almost anyone….? 

Violence can be fun! Can’t it?


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One comment on “Thinking about murder again
  1. Jeannine Young says:

    I can’t imagine you not continuing with murder and mayhem, at least in a cozy way. You’re so good at it. And just how did you Photoshop that amazing photo with scarf, big smile, and all? It’s kind of great and kind of scary! Apparently violence can be fun.

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