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Flowers because I don’t seem to have any words for here….

  flowers all in a blur……    

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There are words, and then there are words….

Not very long ago, I found myself at a friend’s 75th birthday party, despairing aloud about the deluge of words that engulfs our world. A somber, very sober, man leapt to the defense of  language and good writers. There’s nothing

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Words and values

How can you explain that 52 percent of Republicans in Mississippi still believe Obama is a Muslim? After all that’s happened, and all that’s been said. After that very legal birth certificate. It seems to me there’s no way to

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Are we losing our ability to memorize? And if we are, does it matter?

Years ago, when I taught, I resisted the requirement that I give tests that required memorization. I remembered the many nights as a student that I memorized material, aced the test the next morning, and promptly forgot everything. I wanted

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iPhones and color markers

Some artists use iphones. Some use color markers and index cards. Art comes from every direction. Isn’t it wonderful?

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