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Memory and plagiarism

  Oliver Sacks writes eloquently about memory and imagination in the February 21 issue of the New York Review of Books, sharing his memory of a war-time event from his childhood and subsequently learning from his brother that he hadn’t

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Truth and fiction

History is after all only a pack of tricks we play on the dead,” said Voltaire. Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad–but memory is certainly unreliable. There are as many versions of history as there are historians. There are

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Chasing after truth

What is truth? asked Plato, Pontius Pilate, and more recently, Johnny Cash. When I was young I decided to study philosophy and look for it. I’m still looking, and what’s more, I’m still trying to figure out what any of

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If wishing made it so….

  One day years ago, when I was in midtown Manhattan, I discovered a long line of people stretching out for as many as two city blocks. I was curious. Were they applicants for a job? Were they trying to

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The power of the caricature

Caricature and political satire go back at least as far as the printing press. Hogarth (1697-1764) introduced sequential art, that is story telling, as well as a wonderful lot of satire. Goya (1746–1828 made some of the most vicious political

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“Paranoid about paranoia”

When New York Times editorial writer, Ross Douthat entitled a column “Paranoid about paranoia in America” , I recognized myself almost immediately. That’s me. All those right-wing paranoid world-beaters, sure that Obama was born a Muslim in Kenya and is just waiting to impose Shariah

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Saving truth, Part 3 – in which I reach no conclusion whatever

Harold Pinter was emphatic about “political theater”: don’t preach. “Sermonizing has to be avoided at all costs. Objectivity is essential. the characters must be allowed to breathe their own air.”  The artist can be as angry as hell about the lies

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Saving truth, part 2

Is truth getting lost  in a country where lies are being told with greater and greater frequency, and where the telling of them seems to give them the cachet of truth? Apparently, it was Lenin who said: “A lie told

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What’s happening to truth? Can we save it?

I’m sitting here in California listening to some rather grim “movie music” on Vermont Public Radio and wondering what I should write about. I thought about writing again about the artist and his/her audience. Should the unpublished writer, the ungalleried

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What is the future of our past?

What is the future of our past? What will happen to us if we manipulate memory? What does all this have to do with the artist?

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