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Living in a Parallel Universe

California quail live in a parallel universe to mine in California. We’re aware of each other, but mostly we’re content to ignore each other. I’m sure the quail find us a bit of a nuisance. They have to dodge our

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How old are you?

I have often noticed and sometimes remarked on how, as I age, my self-image is different from what I see in a mirror. I’m not sure if any of us ever manage to coordinate the two. We continue to see

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Famous has become everything

Celebrity worship has changed over the last decades. The notion of celebrity has been stretched and expanded to the point of meaninglessness. Once celebrities were people who had achieved something—a something that made them famous. Today, celebrities include the infamous,

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I’ve been trying to think of something to write about Christmas that hasn’t been written many times before. I come up with Santa Claus’ boot print, Christmas recitations at church,  uncomfortable family dinners, orange candies…. but I really don’t have

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Where will all the poets go in an age of virtual realities?

Yesterday a friend of mine who manages a desktop publishing business that’s turned mostly to proofreading got a letter from a 95-year-old woman. It was neatly typed (yes, on a typewriter!) and well written: she was clearly alert and intelligent.

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Is David Brooks a fledgling Buddhist?

Despite his politics (he sports the labels conservative and Republican), I’ve always liked New York Times columnist David Brooks. I admit it’s partly because he can be very engaging, but also because he’s one of the few people in the

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Another effort to talk about our “reality”—crazed culture

In my last post I worried that I got off point and started talking in meaningless riddles. You may remember (and if you don’t, it’s near the conclusion of the post):“We’re all in the movie. There’s no distance and no

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The peril of watching television in the morning

I don’t usually watch television in the morning, but it was Saturday and it was on, and one of the morning hosts was doing a special on the increasing theat to privacy in our culture, especially because of the Internet,

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Dali’s timepiece in a world of strange places

Well, I’m finally back on the Internet. Somewhat intermittently, but here. I’m still handicapped. My wonderful scanner broke en route. My poor packing techniques, no doubt. Anyway, that will cut down significantly on the pictures I can include in these

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Seeing what’s really there

I’m not sure when this post will get up. In California, AT&T pulled the plug on my broadband too early. In Vermont, the painter painted us out of the office with the computer, and it will be  another two or

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