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Give me a break with the perfect pianists already!

Not too many months ago I watched as Mark Twain played the lovely middle movement from Beethoven’s Sonate Pathetique while his wife died in the upstairs bedroom. It was a heart breaking scene. Sadly, what I can’t get out of

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The movies in my mind

I and most of the people I know who are my age, or almost, forget the most familiar names with a frequency that would be more alarming if there weren’t so many of us doing it. I’ve been told, and

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When I’m 97 ….

  Every so often, when I’m driving through Vermont in the afternoon, I find myself listening to the NPR program, “The Story.” Recently, host Dick Gordon interviewed Frank Glazer, someone I knew nothing about except that I remember his name

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I’m back….

It’s been a few months now since I stopped blogging. I don’t know that I’m refreshed or afire with ideas for new posts, but I still seem to have things to say. I keep thinking that I should have something

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It had been seven years, and a little more, since I’d been in New York City and oh how I’d missed it. It’s a city that’s festooned with surprises. Living there, you sometimes grow tired and forget to look for

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A Few Notes on the Piano

The other day my post was about the piano and pianists Arrau, Horowitz, Tureck and Kraus. Lili Kraus had more to say in her 1981 interview, and I’ve been waiting to post it. “The piano is really a marvelous instrument.

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When the piano is your “very self, your mother tongue, your life”

      You see my piano is for me what his frigate is to a sailor, or his horse to an Arab — more indeed; it is my very self, my mother tongue, my life. Within its seven octaves

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