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A line and a splotch of color

When I was four, or maybe five, I made drawings in crayon of a sailor who was my father gone to war. That was the first and last time I was complimented for my artistic ability. And I never got

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The slow art of Frank Auerbach

Once, not so very long ago, people only occasionally looked at their own image or those of their friends and family. Even mirrors were uncommon. With the invention of photography that changed. I suspect, although I don’t know it for

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Looking at a picture slowly

On New Year’s Eve this year, I found myself at a party. The older folks (like me) mostly left around 10 or 11, while the younger people danced, drank and talked the night away. Of course, the two overlapped, and

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People quitting art

I knew a very fine classical guitar player once – not well – who told me he was quitting because he’d learned that he’d never be the world’s best guitarist. So sad, I thought. What about the music? What about

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Leftover entertainments and brief reports

This will be a short post devoted to a few leftover entertainments and brief reports. After that I’ll be taking off for New Mexico for a week where I’m sure I’ll suffer horribly from the heat and waves and waves

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Women’s work and Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses began to paint at age 76, and kept developing as an artist to the age of 101.

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Goya’s late work: art and mortality

In his late work Goya’s painting presaged and influenced the art of the next centuries. It was informed by the same themes as in his life’s work, but also by his old age and by his impending death.

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