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My sister and the three hundred million year old plant

I have a smart younger sister. Not genius level, but close enough. She loves rocks and Native American artifacts. Not long ago, she phoned me to tell me something incredible had happened. “You’ve fallen in love,” I suggested. “Someone offered

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Death stops time

In the June issue of Harper’s magazine, Geoff Dyer writes about the pictures photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews has taken of places where people died in World War I. Some are battlefields marked by graves or monuments. But they’re also of

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In the sunset of dissolution …

In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine. I don’t know why but a year or two ago, I copied this sentence in a notebook. It comes from “The Unbearable Lightness of

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On the Edge

“Crime is mankind on the edge, in extremis, but more than that, crime is mankind stepping outside of the norm…. A crime places everybody in the crucible.” So writes Elizabeth George in her introduction to A Moment on the Edge.

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Literature for Bloodthirsty Women

  Isn’t it amazing that women, and especially older women, are the majority among readers of crime. Why? Are we especially bloodthirsty? Do we harbor secret ambitions for murder and mayhem? Are we angrier than other segments of society? Surely

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Old women and mysteries

Most readers of mysteries choose books by people whose names they recognize. Not promising when no one has heard of you.  A little over two years ago, Sisters in Crime and PubTrack, the book sales division of R.R. Bowker, did

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How Sherlock Changed Everything ….

It’s always amazed me that Sherlock Holmes has his own independent life. He’s more than Conan Doyle’s creation; he’s his own man, more real than his author. And it’s not Conan Doyle who changed the world by anticipating modern day

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The Dodge dealer who was a car whisperer

When you don’t know where you are and it’s night, the world is a very strange place. It calls to mind that B movie again, only this time I was the star. A sign on the highway (yes, I had

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Okay, so when I quit writing this blog – quite a while ago now – I had agreed with Elizabeth George that murder, or at least something akin to it, is important to every mystery story. Is, in fact, important

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The new book!

The Disappearance of the Tall Man in the High Hat is about a man who, sick of the present, with its divisions and disasters, decides to try to change it by changing the past.  Of course, the problem is access

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