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The day I decided to write like music

I almost remember the day. I was eight years old. We lived in Buckley Field, then a settlement of tarpaper barracks east of Denver. Long gone now except for its name. The barracks had constituted military housing during World War

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The saddest songs I ever heard

“Why am I treated so bad?” sang Mavis Staples, backed by the Staples family. The show was a Public Television-produced revival of Gospel’s Jubilee Showcase, a Chicago Sunday morning TV program from the 1960s. The program showcased the best gospel

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Bach, like life, is so many things

WQXR in New York City is doing Bach 360 from now ‘til Easter. That means all Bach every day. It’s all wonderful and amazing. Bach is always so many more kinds of music and experience than I remember. At the

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The extraordinary old

Years ago I remember watching an old black and white television program of the Grand Ole Opry. I was struck by how many older people starred alongside the younger ones–people who’d been around for years, and were still country music

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Of life, death and music

My friend Pam died last Friday. I’ve already celebrated her life on this blog (March 20), and I haven’t too much to add. I’ll miss her presence, books and magazines cascading around her chair, Daniels Pond lighting up her face

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When I’m 97 ….

  Every so often, when I’m driving through Vermont in the afternoon, I find myself listening to the NPR program, “The Story.” Recently, host Dick Gordon interviewed Frank Glazer, someone I knew nothing about except that I remember his name

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It seems that every once in a while in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I discover another amazing musical experience. This one took place at the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, a lovely jewel of a place on the

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The world as soundscape

My computer has been disabled-again-this time for nearly five days–but while the digital universe was silent, there was music, and especially last Friday night at a Warebrook concert where a flautist graced the stratosphere; a tenor declared love in German—and

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Learning about “maths”

Arithmetic has always been a problem for me. I understood the practical reasons for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and got through them despite the dull repetition of it, but when I reached the age for algebra and geometry, I

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It filled the Hall and pushed the walls out into the night and lifted the ceiling up to the night sky.

Two weeks ago I was listening to music that sounded something like this picture. I was in the Glover Town Hall with maybe 150 other people at a benefit for a woman whose house burned to the ground not long

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