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A line and a splotch of color

When I was four, or maybe five, I made drawings in crayon of a sailor who was my father gone to war. That was the first and last time I was complimented for my artistic ability. And I never got

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A half-full glass person tries to take on our awful politics

For me and millions of others, last Tuesday, election night, was a travesty. The country is being given over to private corporations, the line between truth and falsehood is disappearing, and cruelty in a whole raft of forms is becoming

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In Firenze (Florence), I lived in the best possible Italian room—straight out of a 19th century novel. It was the last room but one at the end of a dark hallway, filled with quixotic paintings, sketches and odd statuary. When

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Can great art be seen through a lens???

Of course I can’t know, but I imagine that in old Europe, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, life happened on multiple levels. There was the everyday where most people lived, their time filled with the humdrum of their

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Nostalgia in old age

  As we age, I think many of our memories grow more poignant. We know in a way we haven’t before that the people, places and times represented by them won’t be repeated. Because they have that extra dimension, they’re

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Hungry for life and art

Pam Crandall went to the ER at something like 3 a.m. yesterday morning. She’d only been home a few days from a scary heart surgery in the hospital in Burlington. It might be pneumonia; it might be something to do

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So empathy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

I remember being outraged recently when some Republican (I don’t remember who it was, or the occasion) mocked the call for empathy in a government official. Now, David Brooks, in a recent column in the New York Times, cites studies

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David Hockney, and seeing much, much more

I’ve written about David Hockney before. Seventy-four years old now, he’s passionately trying to capture a world he’s obsessively curious about—the world around him—because there’s always “a lot more to be seen.” In my last post about Hockney, I marveled

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Slow and slower

Last November, some maple sugar growers from my part of the world went to the Terra Madre Conference in Turin, Italy to share their experiences with what has come to be called the Slow Food Movement. The idea of Slow Food

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Looking at a picture slowly

On New Year’s Eve this year, I found myself at a party. The older folks (like me) mostly left around 10 or 11, while the younger people danced, drank and talked the night away. Of course, the two overlapped, and

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