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My sister and the three hundred million year old plant

I have a smart younger sister. Not genius level, but close enough. She loves rocks and Native American artifacts. Not long ago, she phoned me to tell me something incredible had happened. “You’ve fallen in love,” I suggested. “Someone offered

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According to the Chinese fortune cookie….

I recently opened a Chinese fortune cookie and read: “You will succeed some day.” Everyone at the table chuckled. What were they thinking? “After all, she’s almost 75 years old. If she hasn’t made it by now….” or “Well, that’s

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On the Edge

“Crime is mankind on the edge, in extremis, but more than that, crime is mankind stepping outside of the norm…. A crime places everybody in the crucible.” So writes Elizabeth George in her introduction to A Moment on the Edge.

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Literature for Bloodthirsty Women

  Isn’t it amazing that women, and especially older women, are the majority among readers of crime. Why? Are we especially bloodthirsty? Do we harbor secret ambitions for murder and mayhem? Are we angrier than other segments of society? Surely

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Old women and mysteries

Most readers of mysteries choose books by people whose names they recognize. Not promising when no one has heard of you.  A little over two years ago, Sisters in Crime and PubTrack, the book sales division of R.R. Bowker, did

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How do you want to live?

It wasn’t like me not to, but I never questioned why I wanted to drive across the country by myself at age 74. My friends thought I was crazy. That the trip was a journey into my past wasn’t surprising,

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In old age we fill whole eras

I remember when my friend Wes died in the ‘80s, that I was surprised by the feeling that my life had been extended, not into the future but into the past. He left behind diaries and memorabilia, beginning in the

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And now – a new website!

For some time—I don’t know how long but too long—I’ve been lax about putting up posts. This had partly to do with a terrible confusion about what I should do, am doing, can do on the internet. I started this

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How old are you?

I have often noticed and sometimes remarked on how, as I age, my self-image is different from what I see in a mirror. I’m not sure if any of us ever manage to coordinate the two. We continue to see

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The homeless, art and Basquiat’s anger

“Art is the only thing that’s left in the world,” said a homeless mixed media artist in Above Ground, a study of aging artists in New York City. He was 72. I read somewhere the other day that the life

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