The Green Mountain Whodunit Series:
Book One: The Body in the Butter Churn
Book Two: The Organist Who Wore Gloves

Book Three: The Disappearance of the Tall Man in the High Hat (Coming Soon!)

The Organist Who Wore Gloves

It’s spring, and the world is waking, turning green, singing, but there’s trouble in Shrubsbury, Vermont. Unknown to Alex and his elderly partner, Tasha Mulholland, scandal—adultery, thievery, and even murder—is brewing among some of the town’s most respectable citizens. The case of The Organist Who Wore Gloves begins when a mysterious musician plays the reed organ in the Old Shrubsbury School Museum on a cold spring night. Why was he playing Bach and Fats Waller at the coldest time of day in a building that had been closed for the winter, where the temperature was polar?

A small band of moon glittered on the horizon. Wind whispered in the trees, playing snare drums with the music, making it almost as grand as she’d ever heard it. The night was a concert hall.

To her amazement, the big wooden door to the museum was open, and she slipped into the building. By then—even before then—the music was changing in some way she couldn’t understand. It was being overcome by something like a jitterbug. That Estey, she thought. It can’t even get through a few measures of Bach without revising everything. The floors were trembling as if someone in big boots was stomping up and down the hallways. Even though she couldn’t have been heard by anyone, man or spirit, she crept down the hall to the door of the music room. As she raised her light, she saw him for just an instant—a thin, pale man in an overcoat with copper buttons, blinking in the sudden glow, his gloved hands raised over the keys.

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