The Green Mountain Whodunit Series:
Book One: The Body in the Butter Churn
Book Two: The Organist Who Wore Gloves

Book Three: The Disappearance of the Tall Man in the High Hat (Coming Soon!)

The Body in the Butter Churn

Not since Andrew McCall Smith have such unlikely detectives set out to bring a malefactor to justice. But when a meeting in the Old Shrubsbury School House Museum kitchen unexpectedly ends with the discovery of Agatha Hamilton’s body in the Star butter churn, the museum’s elderly caretaker and her 12-year-old assistant decide that they’re uniquely qualified to investigate Old Aggie’s death. Besides, they reason, the murderer would never guess that a dithery old lady and a nerdy kid were after him. Would he?

She pulled, she pushed and still, it stuck. Alex joined her and they struggled with it together. When the barrel finally did move, just a bit, something clunked inside.
“Probably,” said Ms. Mulholland brightly, “the high school students are playing a joke on us. They’ve done this before—filled the churn with tennis shoes and rocks. Help me open the cover, Alex.”
They struggled together again, this time to open the cover. “One disadvantage of this kind of churn is that it needs to be sealed tight so it won’t leak.”
When they finally managed to pry the cover from the top, there was something inside—cloth, a loose shoe…. Tasha Mulholland reached in and then stopped, her eyes wide, a small hoarse sound coming from her throat. Alex dropped the cover. Clunk. It rolled across the floor. Old Aggie was in the churn staring at them. She’d been crammed in, bottom first. As small as she was, she was a tight fit. Wrinkled and gray like crumpled up newspaper, covered with sticky blood like she’d rusted, she’d been slashed across the throat.

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