About The Aquacizers Murder Club (Coming Soon!)

The first in a new series featuring Lilly Quigley and the aquacizers club of Garden Path Village. Santa Rosa, California.

When one of their own, Winsome Smythe, is stabbed to death on her way home from exercises with other aquacizers in Garden Path Village, the women decide, unasked, to help the police find the guilty party. As it happens, there were several people in Winsome’s life who might have wanted her dead, including her own children.

Led by Lilly Quigley, a stubborn 70-year-old lesbian, they meet Winsome’s errant son, her conniving daughter, and the people who knew her best at Puss’s Emporium, a local cat veterinary and boutique. Before the investigation is ended, two more people are dead. But the women persist and the murderer is brought to justice at a New Beginnings Concert amid the horns and glockenspiels, bad scenery, and worse planning.

It’s only the beginning. They’ve found a new vocation.


 From The Aquacizers Murder Club

On the Friday after Winsome’s death, Lilly and seven more aquacizers, aged sixty-eight to eighty-eight, were back at the swimming pool doing their usual schedule of exercises. Spread out in the shallow end like bobbing flowers, they were aware that they showed more signs of wilt than on most days. No one remarked on it, but none of them took Winsome’s usual place in the pool. It was empty and the water only stirred there because they were moving. A watery memorial.

It was hard for them to imagine why anyone should have wanted to murder Winsome. She was elderly like everyone else in Garden Path Village. Her years were already numbered. Why would the killer want to dispose of such an ordinary old woman on a sunny California day before her time was really and truly up? Everyone at Garden Path expected death at a not distant date—they were dropping by the wayside one by one—but murder belonged on TV. It didn’t make any sense here.

But it was interesting. Oh, was it ever interesting. Lilly Quigley was one of those people who never found life boring—but this was something else.


The Flower Pot Murder

And there’s more! In the very same volume, there’s a second bonus book about Lily’s next crime adventure!!!

 Angel, who once lived in Garden Path village, is accused of murdering the director of Daybreak House, her assisted living institution, by dropping a heavy flower pot from her dining room window onto the woman’s head. Again, the Aquacizer Murder Club comes to the rescue. Although the evidence against Angel is almost overwhelming, they know her and they know she’s too nice to have murdered anyone.

Lily and her companions solve the murder, of course, and solve it again when Lily gets married to her long-time partner in the last chapter of the book.

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