And now – a new website!

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For some time—I don’t know how long but too long—I’ve been lax about putting up posts. This had partly to do with a terrible confusion about what I should do, am doing, can do on the internet. I started this blog because I wanted to make myself known so that someone someday would read the really good book I knew I could write. I made the blog about old age and the arts because I was old and I loved music, the visual arts, literature. It seemed a natural thing to do.

Eventually, I lost my way. I found myself writing about things that interested me but weren’t necessarily related to my original theme. As I said, I was confused.

In an ideal world, I would be happy to just write and publish myself quietly and hope that I’d find an occasional reader who would know how to read my blog and my books. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I need more money than I have to live on—not much, but some—and if I must choose to do something to earn a few extra dollars my job skills as a writer will count for more than my talent as a greeter at Walmart.

I need to write. Just now, I need to write something that sells. That generally means genre. Vampires and ghouls won’t cut it; spies and drug lords are entirely foreign to me; I can only barely imagine how to write about rampant sex. But I love to read a good mystery, and that’s how I decided to try my hand at cozy mysteries.  

Which is also how I’ve ended up here, in the middle of a new website with my blog caught in the middle like the over-complicated answer to a many colored-puzzle advertising mysteries.

So, my blog will be different than it has been. I hope it will be better. I know it will have more to do with the truly wondrous and weird phenomenon of the murder mystery. I know it will also have something to do with the role of old women solving murders and writing novels.

I hope you’ll join me.

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One comment on “And now – a new website!
  1. Beth Kanell says:

    Brava for the new website, and hurrah for your Green Mountain mysteries, Elaine!

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