Elaine Magalis

Born in Denver and raised in San Francisco, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy at San Francisco State, and a Master’s Degree in Religious Thought at the University of Pennsylvania. I was looking for the meaning of life. I didn’t find it, and quit a dissertation short of a Ph.D.

I decided that college teaching was too depressing when I discovered how many of my students cheated, and went to work instead in New York City with national and international liberal church organizations, writing articles and books and producing multimedia presentations and videos on social issues.

Twenty years later I moved to Vermont and started a desktop publishing business with a specialty in history. I also became the education director of a Vermont history museum working with kids, grownups, and the ghosts of people past.

I’ve written a number of books, most of them unpublished, but because I started in old age and am an abject coward, there aren’t all that many rejection slips.


Of course, I’m only one of the growing millions of people who are officially old. That means that there are more and more pictures painted by us, more and more music written and played, and more and more books!

The heroes in our cozy mysteries are aging too. As well they should be.

One of the first and most impressive of the older doyens of mystery was Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. She was always many steps ahead of the police, and she was usually under estimated. Old people still are, even when they’re not quite so expert as that.

My heroine, Ms. Mulholland (ah, yes, Ms., not Miss or Mrs.) is steps ahead of the local law, who also happens to be her son. It’s not so much that he lacks the intelligence to catch the guilty party. I’m afraid it’s that he lacks ambition, and imagination, both of which she and her 13-year-old partner possess in abundance.

And then there’s the not always so charming Lilly Quigley, an elderly lesbian, and her Aquacizers Murder Club, a small swimming pool of elderly women out to find the murderer who dared to take out one of them. “The Aquacizers Murder Club” will be published soon.

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